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Dental Clean and Check Up

If you are finicky about keeping your gums and teeth as healthy as possible, then regular dental check-ups is a MUST.

On average, it is advisable to see your dentist at least twice a year. A check-up can be done once in six (6) months. Alternatively, a comprehensive dental clean and check-up schedule can be drawn up by your dentist.

This is what you get when you pay Kariong Dental Care on the Central Coast a visit today. Our dental professionals will draw up a flexible dental clean and check-up schedule that works for you. One that takes into consideration…

  • the current health of your gums and teeth,
  • your present location or predicted future location, 
  • your profession and work schedule, and 
  • The overall cost implication of the drawn out regular dental cleaning and check-up schedule. 

What you should expect from a scheduled visit to your dentist  

On a typical scheduled visit to your dentist, there are basically two things that happen. The first is an examination or check-up while the second is an oral prophylaxis or a dental cleaning.

Examination of your Teeth

The dentist will carry out a hands-on examination of your teeth looking for any cavities. In order to detect cavities even if they are hidden between teeth, the dental professional will carry out x-rays of your mouth. Apart from cavities, the dental professional will also examine your teeth for signs of plaque and tartar.

When bacteria on your teeth has not hardened, they are clear and have a sticky viscosity. This bacteria is known as plaque. However, when this plaque solidifies it will turn into tartar. Sadly, tartar cannot be removed by simply flossing or brushing your teeth. Only by dental cleaning can tartar be effectively removed. If unchecked, both plaque and tartar can lead to a host of oral diseases in a patient.

Examination of your Gums

A dental professional will then examine your gums using a specialised instrument that is able to accurately measure out the depth of the gaps that exist between your gums and teeth. 

If your gums are healthy, those gaps will be shallow. However, if you are suffering from gum disease, then the gaps would be much deeper.

The dentist will also examine your head, face, neck, throat, and tongue. The purpose of this check-up is to detect possible symptoms of an underlying ailment like cancer. 

Scaling of your Teeth

To remove any tartar from your teeth, the dentist will have to carry out a procedure known as “Scaling”. 

Scaling basically scrapes out the tartar from your teeth. Once this is done, the dentist may polish your teeth with the use of a coarse textured paste. This paste will help in taking out any noticeable stains on the surface of your teeth. 


After a thorough oral examination, scaling, and polishing, the dentist would conclude the dental cleaning and check-up session with flossing. 

The space that exists between your teeth is thoroughly cleaned out with the use of floss. Once this is done, the scheduled dental cleaning and check-up session comes to an end.

Quick Tips:

Before your next scheduled dental clean and check-up appointment make sure to diligently observe the following;

  • Make sure to brush your teeth using fluoride based toothpaste at least two times daily.
  • Make sure to floss every day.
  • Control plaque buildup by using mouthwash. Mouthwash will also help to prevent unpleasant mouth odour while keeping your mouth fresh at the same time.

COVID-19 Message

Dear Patients, Families & Friends,

It’s official! We are now on Level 1 restrictions for dentistry.

Which means, as long as you have not been in a COVID-19 risk situation and don’t have a cold or flu symptoms we can provide all your regular dental treatments.

This includes examinations, checkup and cleans, restorative procedures such as replacing missing or damaged teeth, crowns, bridges, dentures and implants, orthodontic treatment, fillings, cosmetic veneers, extractions and preventative procedures.

We will continue to provide you with the safe, high-quality dental care you can trust. We are fully equipped to offer this crucial service with full compliance with Government sanctions in dealing with the Coronavirus.

Here is how we will take additional steps to keep you safe:

  • Upon arrival at your appointment you will notify us you have arrived and we will notify you when you can enter the practice safely avoiding all waiting room contact.
  • The practice will continue to be fully sanitised to ensure your safety.

Good oral health is closely linked to good overall health, so if you have not seen us for a while, then now is a perfect time. Plus, it’s always nice to have that clean mouth feeling.