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Facial Aesthetics

Dentistry has evolved during the 21st century. A great smile is no longer just a product of your teeth but takes consideration of your face as a whole.

Non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments can rejuvenate your skin, improve your facial appearance and smooth out those lines and wrinkles. At Kariong Dental Care, we provide the perfect solution for ageing skin, fine lines and wrinkles with cosmetic facial injectables.

What are cosmetic facial injectables?

Cosmetic Facial Injectables may be broadly grouped into two categories: relaxing agents and filling agents. The type of product and application depends on your specific concern and the existing quality of your skin.

Relaxing agents help to ease the involuntary tension around the muscles that cause wrinkles. The process of relaxing the muscles also smoothens out the wrinkles with lasting results.

Filling agents, or dermal fillers involve the injection of a gel-like substance under or within a targeted area of your skin. At Kariong Dental Care we now offer fillers for lip enhancements. Talk to our friendly staff to discuss your needs.

Gummy Smile Correction

The term gummy smile refers to the over-exposure or disproportionate area of gum being exposed when a person smiles.  There are many possible reasons for this presentation:

  • the teeth are too short in proportion to gum visibility;
  • an over-protruding upper jaw bone causing the gums to be over-exposed;
  • over-active facial muscles; or
  • a combination of these factors.
  • If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile because of your gums Kariong Dental Care offers a non-invasive and highly predictable Gummy Smile Correction treatment that will give you a more attractive and balanced smile.

As the underlying cause and extent of gum visibility presents differently from person to person, treatment may involve the work of a plastic surgeon, dentist, oral surgeon, or a combination of their varied expertise. The most invasive type of treatment involves shortening the jawbone through surgery to reduce gum visibility. This is a significant step to correct a primarily cosmetic dental problem, it requires long healing periods and is an expensive procedure.

The Non-invasive way to correct a gummy smile

Using only medically approved products, Kariong Dental Care offers this unique injectable treatment in a safe clinical environment.

This treatment is designed to relax specific smile muscles of your face so that they do not raise your lips beyond a certain point. By targeting the muscles that control your smile the dentist can alter the proportion of gum area that is exposed when you smile, giving you an improved teeth-to-gum proportion. The general rule for a smile line is a maximum exposure of 1 to 2 millimetres of visible gum tissue.

Therapy for Jaw (Temporomandibular/TMJ) issues

One of the most successful therapies in treating TMJ syndrome lies in the use of injectable medication that relaxes the masseter muscle – the large muscle that moves the jaw. This highly conservative and effective treatment works extremely well to weaken the tensed-up muscle to stop the grinding and clenching. Depending on the individual, treatment normally involves 5 or 6 relatively painless injections into the masseter muscle, which takes about a few minutes (per side) to administer.

This injectable therapy for TMJ syndrome is also commonly used to treat problems of muscle spasticity such as strabismus (crossed eye syndrome) and blepharospasm (eyelid spasm). The injectable medication can loosen up lockjaw and reduce headaches and pain associated with TMJ. It is a minimally invasive procedure that is both medically safe and reliable, with extremely low probability of side effects or allergies.

Whether you are visiting us for the first time or are an existing patient, undergoing a dental or cosmetic treatment, you will always receive exceptional patient care and customer service at Kariong Dental Care.

COVID-19 Message

Dear Patients, Families & Friends,

It’s official! We are now on Level 1 restrictions for dentistry.

Which means, as long as you have not been in a COVID-19 risk situation and don’t have a cold or flu symptoms we can provide all your regular dental treatments.

This includes examinations, checkup and cleans, restorative procedures such as replacing missing or damaged teeth, crowns, bridges, dentures and implants, orthodontic treatment, fillings, cosmetic veneers, extractions and preventative procedures.

We will continue to provide you with the safe, high-quality dental care you can trust. We are fully equipped to offer this crucial service with full compliance with Government sanctions in dealing with the Coronavirus.

Here is how we will take additional steps to keep you safe:

  • Upon arrival at your appointment you will notify us you have arrived and we will notify you when you can enter the practice safely avoiding all waiting room contact.
  • The practice will continue to be fully sanitised to ensure your safety.

Good oral health is closely linked to good overall health, so if you have not seen us for a while, then now is a perfect time. Plus, it’s always nice to have that clean mouth feeling.