Pain-free Dentistry

What is pain-free dentistry?

For many people the thought of going to the dentist instantly conjures up fears of a painful experience. However, with the advancement in technology there are now options to remove the pain of dental visits. Kariong Dental Care now offers effectively pain-free injections using a special machine called “The Wand”. The Wand is an alternative to a traditional dental needle.

It is a computer-controlled injection, used for the injection of local anaesthesia. The injection is guaranteed to be slow and steady, which increases your level of comfort.

The stinging pain patients feel when receiving a traditional dental injection is often caused by the fluid being injected too fast. As a machine regulates the wand, the pain factor is eliminated in most people, with most patients saying they didn’t feel anything. *

(*Some patients may feel an initial small twinge which goes away very quickly).

At Kariong Dental Care we offer “happy gas” a light sedation option that often helps some people reduce the anxiety of the dental visit. If you are interested in this option, please let our friendly staff know when booking in and we’ll be sure to have it ready for you.

  • We use the best equipment possible to reduce the time you need to sit in the chair; working as gently and as efficiently as possible for every patients’ comfort.
  • And we also offer I.V. sedation provided by a fully accredited anaesthetist for the more involved procedures such as dental implant surgery.
  • Most of all, we take the time to listen to your concerns and make sure to walk you through each step to help you get through each visit.

Whatever your concerns are, call our friendly staff today. We will endeavor to do whatever we can to make your dental visits as comfortable, pain-free and as gentle as possible for you.